Thursday, August 25, 2011

Young Charity Entrepreneurs at Ramadan Daze

The 'Needs' Twister Game: lose a need, lose your balance
Wow! 4 Wednesdays of intense activity: we were scrapbooking, making gifts, understanding
physical & spiritual needs, developing a dream charity, making an invention that would fundraise for said charity; recording radio show skits, interviews, stories; learning about the drought crisis in the Horn of Africa and playing a crazy game of twister that teaches you how a lack of needs can throw you off balance!
Our Ramadan Daze team had a wonderful time with all the kids. The camp proceeds raised $700 for Mercy Mission and the kids' Radio Show CD sales raised over $150 for Horn of Africa relief. We are grateful to the Almighty that we were able to engage in acts of charity ('Sadaqah') during the month of Ramadan and hope to continue the good work throughout the rest of the year as well.
Good job everybody!
Special thanks to Mastermind Toys for donating the door prizes.

Inventing a 'lung health awareness' board game
to raise funds for their fantasy charity: lung cancer research 

Creating customizable hats with interchangable visors, logos for a dream charity
 that would provide sports shoes to kids in need

Working on a wall hanging, made from paper plates, to collect
donations for their imaginary cause: Charity Homes for the homeless

We learnt about the synergy of
Salah, Sawm & Sadaqah: Prayer, Fasting & Charity.

Handmade flower pens & envelopes made from old calendar pics for the neighbours

Get a taste of Ramadan Daze with our 'Sadaqah Soundwaves'
Radio show: over 25 mins of  jam packed fun and inspiration!

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