Sunday, September 9, 2012

Workshop: Sightseeing in Egypt with Ibn al Haytham

Sightseeing in Egypt with Ibn al Haytham

Original Hands On Heritage Light Graffiti
Come and explore the exciting Science of Light as we travel through Medieval Egypt with optics pioneer Ibn al Haytham.

In this hands-on workshop, students will experience
  • The Medieval World through the eyes of Ibn al Haytham
  • Timelining achievements in the ‘Dark Ages' 
  • How light travels using a pinhole camera
  • The Story of the 'Mad Scientist'
  • 'Persistence of vision' by making moving images
  • Creating light graffiti (where dark facilities available)
  • Using Ibn al Haytham's scientific method to create an object that helps light up shanty towns across South east Asia.

Max. duration: 2 hrs                Contact 

Workshop: Flying Over Spain with Abbas Firnas

Hands On Heritage brings you
'Flying over Spain with Abbas Ibn Firnas'

image courtesy Saudi Aramco World/SAWDIA

Explore the wonders of Flight, while travelling back in time to 
9th Century Medieval Spain. 
  •     Meet up with early aviation pioneer Abbas Firnas and learn about his hometown of Cordoba.
  •      Design a rudimentary glider and investigate the effects of different wingspan patterns.
  •      Watch Bernoulli’s Principle in action
  •      Create aerofoil shapes to represent the wing shapes that help produce       Lift.
  •            Create paper planes with rudders and elevators to understand the significance of the tail that Abbas Firnas needed for his glider to succeed.
  •            Appreciate the contributions of European medieval scientists to our present-day lives.
         Max. duration: 2 hrs       
    Contact for further details