Sunday, September 9, 2012

Workshop: Flying Over Spain with Abbas Firnas

Hands On Heritage brings you
'Flying over Spain with Abbas Ibn Firnas'

image courtesy Saudi Aramco World/SAWDIA

Explore the wonders of Flight, while travelling back in time to 
9th Century Medieval Spain. 
  •     Meet up with early aviation pioneer Abbas Firnas and learn about his hometown of Cordoba.
  •      Design a rudimentary glider and investigate the effects of different wingspan patterns.
  •      Watch Bernoulli’s Principle in action
  •      Create aerofoil shapes to represent the wing shapes that help produce       Lift.
  •            Create paper planes with rudders and elevators to understand the significance of the tail that Abbas Firnas needed for his glider to succeed.
  •            Appreciate the contributions of European medieval scientists to our present-day lives.
         Max. duration: 2 hrs       
    Contact for further details

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