Thursday, November 22, 2018

Faith In The System Podcast Episode 3: Bee Garden At The Parliament

Welcome to Episode 3 of Faith In The System

What's A Bee Garden Doing At The Parliament of World Religions? 

In this episode, you'll meet a pot pourri of passionate delegates from the Parliament of World Religions, a week long interfaith event that attracts thousands of attendees every 3 years, kinda like the Olympics. If my energy sounds a bit low, well a week of conference adrenaline'll do that to you. But first off what's a Bee Garden doing at the Parliament?

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Pics from The Parliament

Resources related to episode:

Food Sustainability Activism: Jim Embry, Founder Sustainable Communities Network

Interfaith Food Tours: Elyse Brazel, Education Coordinator, Faith & Spirituality Centre at University of Calgary

Multicultural Picture Books: Naomi Priddy, Multicultural Learning Librarian

The Kayak Lady, Mary Shideler

The Bee Garden: Check out both process & product Beehind The Scenes

Spiritual Playdate website Resources from the organizers of the children's festival

Visit #POWR2018  to see pics from other attendees to give you an idea of the size and reach of the event, also

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